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Getting Started with Online Survey


Ever been dying to ask a customer a question -- but didn't? Now is your chance.

The online survey tool lets you create questions to ask specific customers or groups. It's a great way to learn what people want from you. And it will help in all your email marketing goals by guiding the number of newsletters you send, events you host, and promotions you offer.

Also learn how to add a quick poll to your website or email newsletter. It will engage your customers and give you a fast answer. It can even help with event planning (Is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday better for an in-store function?).

  • In this guide you'll learn how to:
  • Navigate the MySurvey page
  • Select a survey template
  • View good survey question examples
  • Edit questions and answers
  • Add Skip Logic links
  • Choose from various survey question types and formats
  • Insert images in survey questions or answers
  • Add a rating or ranking system to your answers
  • Create a survey greeting page and closing page
  • Distribute and track responses
  • Send an email invitation to take your questionnaire
  • Analyze your survey report results
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